Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Japan Photo Gallery

Beautiful japan from the lens man's eye.

Beautiful lighting and reflections of buildings in water.

Boat waiting for passengers.

Buildings on Seashore. The blue cast in the pic makes it smooth on eyes.

Dead fishes

Fishes as food item

Funny Japanese man taking bath in public. Washing face with pipe water with cloths on is not wise.

A wide shot of Japan during monsoon.

Japan photo gallery

Beautiful colorful fishes swimming inside a artificial lake inside Japanese garden.
Nice perspective though I could have taken the pic from the bridge for better angles.

Japanese sign board image

Japanese text written over some drawer boxes

Lady having fun time in restaurant. What is she eating ?

Lady in toy store seems to have great time.

Routine Monsoon scene is creatively capture by the photography through umbrella frames.

A customer getting his stomach full at road side Food stall owned by Old Japanese lady.

Small Shops selling day to day items.

Some store

Stairs inside a mall.

Streets of Japan.


Traditional Japanese wooden building at one of the Tourist sites.

Wow Photo. Isn't it ? I like the symmetry pattern in the pic. Congratulations to the photography for this wonderful shot.

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