Thursday, September 27, 2012

Photos taken with Canon 5D Mark ii camera

 Bride portrait taken with canon 5D Mark ii.
I see inner shadow effect give using photoshop or other photo editing software. But it is used very professionally.

 Cat and woman photo taken with canon 5d mark ii

 Couple folio shoot using high end canon camera. So cute. Isn't it ?

 Nature and life photography using canon 5d mark ii
There is so much in this pic. The buildings, the waves of sea, Birds in action, people enjoying the moment, clouds moving in the sky. Congratulations for such a vibrant click to the photographer.

 Night photography with canon 5D camera
Moving clouds nicely captured with such a high end camera which is also used to shoot short films and feature films.

 Photo taken with flash during night with canon 5D mark 2 cam
In image : A groom kissing on lap of bride at sunset time on sea shore.

Portrait photo of an old man with white beard and white cap.
Again a fantastic monochrome tone edited by the photographer.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Origami Japanese art of paper folding

 Creative origami work made of paper

Different Origami art pics

 Nice Origami art work by kid

 Creative Origami by Ancella Simoes

 Origami flower photo. They say artificial flowers are not good. But they will change their opinion after looking at this innovative ideas executed by origami artist.

Origami photo. An eye catching art piece made with colourfull papers.

: Photo credits :

Origami art pics :

Origami photo :

Origami art work by kid :

Creative origami work made of paper :

Origami by Ancella Simoes :

Origami flower photo :

Darjeeling in Westbengal state of India

 Beautiful nature in Darjeeling

 Darjeeling in Westbengal state of India

 Darjeeling town in Photos

 Domestic Housing in Darjeeling

 Happy Valley Tea Estate Hills in Darjeeling

 Mt. Kanchenjunga photo

Streets of Darjeeling

Creative commons pics used in this blog post.

Photo credit :

Dance till the world ends

 Photo of Asian dancers at beijing dance festival
A group performance at one of the international event in china.

 Bantu dancing photo by Tribal women

 Dance in the wedding photo. Wedding ho aur naachgana na ho is it possible ? :P

 Dance of soul nicely depicted in this photographer by the photo artist

Have you ever done that > Enjoying Dance in office ?

 Group dance by Indian girls in USA.
Showing harmony and nice finishing in their dance.

 Group dance on the stage during event.
Motion nicely captured. Love the silhouette effect.

 Photo Dance like no one is watching
The lovey couple is passionate with each other during couple dance.

 Dance is my life....A motto of many dancers / choreographer of the world.

The passionate dance

Photos availed from : Pic were made available for free under creative commons licence by following photographers.
Dance like no onw is watching :

Dacne of soul :

Group dance by Indian girls in USA :

Dance is my life :

Enjoying Dance in office :

Bantu dancing photo :

Dance in the wedding :

The passionate dance :

Asian dancer at beijing dance festival :

Group dance on the stage during event :

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Goa beach photos

 Arambol beach in Goa

 Beautiful goa beach in photos

 Boat at Palolem beach in Goa

 Enjoy holiday at Goan Beach

 Fishing at GOAN beach

 Indian lady on beach in GOA

 Lighting at Baga beach in Goa

 Market at Anjuna beach in Goa

 Sinquerim Beach of Goa is located some 13 km away from Panaji

Sunset at Candolim Beach in GOA India

We thank the artistic photographers on Flickr who chose to offer their clicks for free under Creative commons licence. He is the photo credits for each photograph on this blog post about GOA tourism.....

Beautiful goa beach in photos :

Sinquerim Beach of Goa is located some 13 km away from Panaji :

Lighting in baga :

Anjuna beach :

Indian lady on GOAN beach :

Sunset at Candolim Beach in GOA India :

Fishing at GOAN beach :

Boat at palolem beach in goa :

Enjoy holiday at Goan beach :

Arambol beach in Goa :